Secretary Message

Dr Varsha S Kurhade

Dear SSPP members & collegues,

Greetings from the SSPP secretariat!

It is an honour for me to communicate with you all through this platform while serving SSPP (Society for study of Pain, Pune) in the capacity of honorary secretary.

Last couple of years have been really dynamic for SSPP, considering huge comeback after CORONA pandemic. SSPP continued our academic meetings in the form of online webinar. We conducted ‘USG Hands on Chronic Pain workshop’ on 17th October, 2021, at Bharati Hospital, Bharati Vidyapeeth (deemed to be) University Medical College, Pune. With the untiring efforts of Team Bharti & SSPP members, it turned out to be great academic feast for delegates all across the world. The workshop was planned as Hybrid workshop, offline as well as Online, by following all the COVID protocols. EC meetings were conducted on the ZOOM platform so as to continue the society work in spite of restrictions to physical meetings.

In May 2022, we conducted AGBM with new EC committee taking over the privilege to work for our own SSPP. With this we declared our first one day CME on “Recent Updates on Craniofacial Pain” in association with Painex. This also was conducted in hybrid form, having attended by delegates all over the world. Along with this monthly online webinar for academic meets & even Diwali celebration helped connecting all SSPP members on frequent basis. Having national headquarters support for awareness days’ activities, SSPP members performed awareness activities in the form of poster display, medical camps, social media updates, newspapers & TV interviews etc.

I am really proud to share the contribution of SSPP members in the field of pain medicine. Apart from doing awareness activities, SSPP members are participating at national & international level workshops & conferences, training programs, publishing articles & authoring book chapters. At individual level, SSPP members have been awarded with health icon & different organization’s achievers awards & getting fellowship in pain from reputed organizations. As an organization every member of SSPP has enormous potential to contribute & same is reflected while taking initiative to host the ISSPCON 2024, Pune.

I take immense pleasure to mention here about SSPP being the host of Annual Pain conference by ISSP (Indian Society for study of Pain) in 2024 i.e. ISSPCON Pune 2024. I am sure that all SSPP’ians are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to actively contribute & make this one of the memorable event of our life! I am really looking forward to have this national conference in a unique way having richness of Pune culture being Educational hub. SSPP members’ strength crossing 50 this year, is definitely welcome sign for the great future of SSPP.

SSPP is coming up with more academic activities in 2023 in association with other city branches like Mumbai, Nashik, Satara, Sangli, Nanded etc.. I am keen to hold these activities with full support from my SSPP family. Another vision I have for SSPP is, to have SSPP newsletter published annually. We are planning to conduct workshops with hands on practice for the participants helping them enhance their skills.

With the tagline of “Relieve, Renew, Restore”, SSPP always thrives to relieve pains & sufferrings of patients, Renew the skills & expertise to help restore quality life of our patients!